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A Study on the number 8
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A Study on the number 8
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A Study on the number 8

From scripture, the number 8 has been found to represent resurrection, new life or a new begining and is a number that has a close association with Jesus Christ.

The Bible records that there were 8 people saved from the flood whereby God started a new relationship with mankind. Also the covenant initiation as given to Abraham was by circumcision on the 8th day.

The original text of the book of the revelation of Jesus Christ has a total word vocabulary of 888 words. The consecration of Aaron and his sons was completed on the 8th day.

Jesus             888 - 111 x 8  - (GK:Iesous)
Christ           1480 - 185 x 8  - (GK:Christos)
Saviour          1408 - 176 x 8  - (GK:Soter)
Lord              800 - 100 x 8  - (GK:Kurios)
Messiah           656 -  82 x 8  - (GK:Messias)


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