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Coeliac Disease
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Coeliac Disease


I was seven when my mum started attending meetings at a Revival Centre in our city. Six years before then I had been diagnosed with the incurable Coeliac Disease - an allergy to gluten. The disease had been confirmed by a biopsy test at that time and many years later and meant I was ‘doomed’ to a strict gluten free diet for the rest of my life. I couldn't eat foods containing gluten such as bread, cakes, pies, pasties, hamburgers - basically all the yummy things!

At age 11, at 11:30 pm on new years' eve 1984, I had the same experience my mum had received many years before. The Lord put His Holy Spirit within me and I was immediately able to speak in a new prayer language. Jesus said this is a sign that would identify the true believers, in Mark 16:15 to 20 of the Bible.

The next day I was baptised by full immersion in water, as the Bible directs. Having the Holy Spirit has helped me through life as I can pray about anything and the Lord fixes it for me.

At age fourteen I began working part-time at Hungry Jacks. I got quite annoyed with the strict gluten free diet and wanted to be able to eat the burgers like all the other teenagers there. One night I went home, closed my bedroom door and prayed earnestly for about half an hour in the prayer language God had given me, asking Him to take the disease away. From the following day I ate whatever I liked and had NONE of the ill effects that should accompany the disease.

After two years of eating a lot of gluten I was re-examined at a regular check-up by the Doctor who had been treating me for the disease since I was two. In his mind it was impossible for me to be healed of the disease. He couldn't believe that I had been off the diet for so long and warned I would be likely to end up in a wheel-chair, be able to break bones just by walking and may be unable to have children - all through malnutrition from gluten affecting my intestines.

Well, my God healed me!

No matter what the doctor says, since I was fourteen I've eaten loads of gluten in all sorts of things and I'm very healthy and happy. I married in my early twenties and have two very healthy and active children and I keep fit at a local gym.

This shouldn't be at all surprising though. God made us in the first place, He can re-make us.. spiritually and physically. He can do anything.

The Lord has blessed my life and I look forward to the future He's prepared for me.

Deanne - Adelaide - South Australia


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