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Spine degeneration
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Spine degeneration
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Incurable spine degeneration

At the age of 14, Jim Sinclair was required to lift 85kg bags of superphosphate because his father’s back injury prevented him from doing the work himself. Consequently, Jim suffered from back trouble after he slipped a disc at the age of 18. He often experienced intense pain after awkward movements, such as sneezing.

A motor vehicle accident caused further spinal damage which prevented him bending forward, even for shaving, and he had to grow a beard. He was forced out of the work he loved. Jim developed various techniques to work within his limitations; on one occasion, in a friend's long, narrow lounge room he found he could not bend down enough to walk under a low chandelier, and had to drop onto hands and knees to crawl under it.

Late in the year of 1977, Jim was warned that his wife should keep her work qualifications up to date, because in 3 or 4 years she would be the family breadwinner. All Jim could look forward to was being confined to a wheelchair.

Soon after receiving this bad news, Jim was prayed for, received the holy spirit and was instantly healed! Since that time Jim has passed three stringent medical examinations which confirm his healing. Eighteen years on, Jim is still completely healed of his incurable back injury.

Jim Sinclair - Adelaide


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