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Ivan Panin 1855 - 1942
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Ivan Panin 1855 - 1942
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Ivan Panin 1855 - 1942

Ivan Panin 1855 - 1942

Ivan Panin was born in Russia on December 12th, 1855. During his youth he was politically active and participated in plots against the Czar which eventually led to his exile from Russia. After studying in Germany for a number of years he eventually moved to the United States and entered Harvard University from which he graduated in 1882 with the A.B. degree.

Mr Panin was a regular lecturer on Carlyle, Emerson, Tolstoy and others. It was in 1890 that he discovered the amazing mathematical design in the Bible, firstly in the Greek and later the Hebrew.

His voluminous works were examined by the Nobel Research Foundation of the USA, with regard to his statement that the Bible could not possibly have been written except by the inspiration of God Himself. Their verdict is as follows :

"So far as our investigation has proceeded, we find the evidence overwhelmingly in favour of such a statement"
(Seal of God, F. Payne, p.100)

Mr Panin died at Aldershot, Ontario Canada on October 30th, 1942. He was 87.


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