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Pastor Ivan Tester and about 30 saints from the Darwin assembly spent 2 weeks evangelising around the small settlement of Maningrida, N.T., Australia. His report is as follows:

"We arrived back in Darwin Friday afternoon 20th August, after the approximately 8-hour four-wheel-drive trip from Maningrida.

We had 86 baptisms in all. I am not sure how many received the Holy Spirit without going over our record of the trip, but I think most received (with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues).

Some were healed of various complaints; some came forward after baptism to be set free from their smoking, etc.

It was a very interesting experience for us all, to see so many come to us. In Darwin the door knocking brings forth very little response.

Within minutes of us arriving at an "outstation" we would be praying with people to receive the Holy Spirit. After that, it was a matter of finding a suitable place to baptise them (without losing any to the crocodiles! See the attached photos)

There are quite a few "outstations" but we only got to three besides Maningrida. Some folk came from places about 3 hours drive away to Nardilmuk where we were camping.

Most of these Aboriginals live in appalling squalor: asthma, heart problems, kidney problems, scabies, etc are common. Mangy dogs are everywhere - many with worms and sores. Living conditions in Maningrida are atrocious.

We pray that there will be men amongst them that will have a good vision. I have invited one man and his wife to come and stay with us for a month. They are the traditional owners of Nardilmuk. We also baptised the main traditional owner of Maningrida and his wife.

We hope to return before the wet season starts, but there are a numerous difficulties: distance between outstations, rivers and creeks to cross, lack of vehicles amongst the people, lack of petrol (diesel only is readily available).

Please pray for the work and especially for leaders among the people."

Pastor Ivan Tester,
Darwin Northern Territory.


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