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Ovarian Cyst
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Ovarian Cyst
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Ovarian Cyst

Rosy Brooks

I was twenty-one when I heard the exciting news that I could begin a brand new life in Jesus. My life to that point had been pretty good, however I had become disillusioned with what I saw of the world around me, and what my own future might be.

At the next available opportunity, I did what the Bible said God required of me. Being baptised right under the water, I turned away from my old life and selfish way of thinking, and desired the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Later, while praying by myself at home I quietly began to speak in a new language that God gave me. This was a sign that he had indeed filled me with the Holy Spirit.

Faith accompanied my experience, as did the power to live a new life following God's ways - Jesus enables this for all those who desire it. He has given me and my family a fulfilling, joyous life. I have been healed of dermatitis, an ovarian cyst, and minor burns as well as numerous headaches and colds.

It is wonderful to have a confidence about the future - a victorious everlasting life with the Lord. It is great too, to have God's blessing in every aspect of our lives in this world.

I can recommend that people act on God's calling and promises whatever their age. The great thing about the Lord is that he has the ability to see the potential in us all!

Rosy Brooks


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