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Phil Philips

Just over seven years ago Phil Phillips needed to be led around by his wife, feeling his way with a white cane. At this time he was gradually getting over the trauma of being blinded by a virus almost five years earlier. "I was very difficult to live with. I could find nothing to laugh at or live for."

At the invitation of the secretary of the Guide Dogs for the blind, his family attended a meeting of the Darwin Revival Centre and a week later, after asking an array of questions, Phil sought the Lord for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. He recalls this moment. "I opened my mouth and this language poured out and I didn't want to stop; it was as if all the rottenness of my past life was being drained from me."

The family moved to Perth to seek treatment for his blindness, but when he was examined there, he was told that there was nothing that could be done. He had received three transplants earlier, which were without success. The specialist said he could not perform miracles. Phil however responding with faith in the Lord, said to the specialist "You can't, but there is someone who can."

That very day while Phil was being driven home by his wife, his sight was restored. That was on the 17th of February 1986. Phil is now working with computer programmes. He sums it up, "I know what I have and what I am, but without Him I am nothing."

Phil Phillips - Perth - Western Australia


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