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Post-natal depression
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Post-natal depression
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Severe post-natal depression

Kathy Hawkswood

I first heard the truth about God and the Bible in 1981. Although I had been brought up as a church-goer, I realised that I hardly knew anything about God.

After seeing in the Bible what his message really was, I was baptised by full immersion, and wonderfully filled with God's Holy Spirit, and spoke in tongues as the Bible promises.

My life changed immediately. I stopped smoking, swearing and drinking alcohol - it was just amazing.

At last, I felt that I had a purpose and direction in my life. The Bible also became clear to me and I understood it for the first time.

Since being filled with the Holy Spirit I have been blessed and provided for by God. He has protected me from dangerous situations, and I have been healed from severe post-natal depression after the doctors had given up on me. God has provided other healings as well for both myself and my family.

As I bring up my children, it is a great blessing to know that they know and understand the ways of the Lord. ยท

Kathy Hawkswood


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