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Saved from Severe Depression

I 'came to the Lord' in May of 1976 after I was witnessed to in hospital when I had just given birth to my third child. My first child, Sheldon, had been killed by a delivery truck in 1974, just one week before my second child, Cameron, was born. Whilst in hospital, I met a Christian girl who told me about the Lord, about speaking in tongues (which went totally over my head) and about how the Lord was part of her life. I was totally envious, because this was what I had been seeking most of my life - but unsuccessfully. Sadly, that baby daughter, Kimberley, died at 8 days old after two operations. However, the girl kept coming to visit me after we had both left the hospital and I eventually came along and received the Holy Spirit, with the obligatory evidence from God of speaking in other tongues. The Lord healed my intense grief and gave me hope to continue.

I gave birth to another daughter, Ashleigh in October of 1978, but she too died - at birth - grossly deformed and subnormal. Because of malnutrition suffered in early childhood before being fostered at 6 years of age, my body had depleted itself of all nutrition with which to feed the foetus. I was warned by geneticists, and the specialists to attempt no more pregnancies because with each pregnancy, the deformities and subnormalities would increase.

I had learned during this time of the healing power of the Lord and decided to dare to take hold of God's promises. My family, the doctors, and my worldly friends all believed that I was totally irresponsible and wicked for trying again, with no thought for my unborn child, but I trusted God's promises - namely 'I am the Lord that healeth thee'; 'I know your innermost needs and desires' and 'This is the confidence that we have in Him that if we ask anything, according to His will, He hears us and if we know that He hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desire of Him'. BIG WORDS!!!

Six months later, I was pregnant. I was sent to have an amniocenteses and other tests, and then offered an abortion by the doctors. I refused because I had prayed about it, and couldn't now go back.

In due course, the Lord provided me with a perfectly normal and healthy boy, Duncan Samuel (Samuel means 'asked of God') who is now turning 19 in May 2000. This was the first of many wonderful healing miracles in my life during the past 24 years.

He not only has healed us, but has given us wisdom in life's situations, saved us financially at times, helped us to raise our boys, knowing why we teach the morals that we do, and being able to give a hope beyond this life. What a way to bring up one's children!

Shirley Lennon, Canberra Australia.


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